The Truth About Truth



Artwork El Curiot by Jeff


If you’re currently reading this blog, chances are, you’ve been thinking along the same lines as I’ve been for a while now. I realize that by typing this out, what I’m essentially doing is preaching to the choir. Some might say that it’s fruitless, but I like to think that maybe I can push you further. So, let me start this by saying, good job guys! Not for reading this blog, but for exploring the world in an unconventional way and getting you to this place. It’s been a hard road I’m sure, what with the criticisms of the character you’ve developed over the years. But, I’ve noticed in my life and in others that it’s usually the hard road that leads you to the truth.

Why is that though? Why should the truth be such a hard thing to find? Well, not always, but usually it’s because it’s also the last thing we want to hear or know. It truly hurts to know truths about yourself and it may even lead you into a crisis. Like opening up a can of worms, it just doesn’t stop once it’s been opened.
We also project ourselves very badly. We need to build a metaphorical mirror within ourselves to be able to see ourselves correctly. Sometimes, the closest people around you can work this way, but that mirror is always tarnished by their own perspective and not always accurate. This is why we must sit and focus within ourselves to give ourselves that much needed introspection.
The way that I’ve learned to build my mirror is by imagining a second self. It’s not empathy, it’s you in a different body. You are that second you and you’re looking at the first you and try to analyze. It’s much easier to criticize other people and seeing their faults, knowing which way would be best for them to go, but it’s much much harder to do that for yourself. So, that’s why I imagine a second me. Though this might sound a bit absurd, it’s really not. It’s a mechanism, a tool that you can use. In a complicated life, it’s best to have many tools. Everyone of those tools serves a purpose. So, go and build yourself an arsenal of tools. You’ll always be human, but you’ll be more prepared for the next thing that comes.

One thought on “The Truth About Truth

  1. I like the painting (I assume) you used. Methods of externalizing are indeed good to explore, should it be necessary. Is it that the truth is hard to find, or is more that hard won truths burn into memory? A million answers.

    Brody Mors That very well could be. Hard truths also tend to be more impactful though, usually I find because they change the framework of your reality.\

    Blind Pariah Some truths can be expunged from a memory uncomfortable from holding on to them.

    Brody Mors The brain has a way of storing the pinnacle points in your life even though we may not necessarily remember them consciously. That’s why meditation is important. It slowly allows you to uncover those parts.

    Blind Pariah More is being discovered on memory mechanisms these days. Interesting reading.

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