Understanding and Emotional Martial Arts


Artwork by Kim Alsbrook (http://www.kimalsbrooks.com/)


A long time ago, a high school teacher of mine made the class watch a documentary on people with different types of memory loss. What intrigued me about this was the descriptions of the before and after effects of a victim suffering from amnesia after a car accident. They claimed that not only her memory was gone, but also that her personality had changed. This made me wonder that if such a thing as a personality could be altered by an accident, could it be altered on purpose?
From my own experimentations, I’ve found that it can be changed, but only to a degree. I think that’s because of memory. Every morning we tell ourselves the story of our lives and we remember who we are and where we came from to get where we are. If we were not able to remember our story, would we be the same person?

I warn you here. Every article I’ve written before has been an underlying process to dealing with specific problems. I’ll be covering processes that I undergo currently and so are still in a constant state of being processed. Incomplete. I can’t help but feel that it’s valuable and useful regardless and hopefully, you, the one reading this, may even be able to take it further. This next segment, I call emotional martial arts.

Like I’ve said earlier, your personality can be altered on purpose to a degree, but with that, you need a certain understanding of yourself. Probably a more accurate one. You need to understand that you, your ego, this thing you try so hard to defend against others, is really invisible and barely exists. The only reason why this invisible thing might be susceptible to attack is because you let it. If you can accept that you and your ego are actually nearly nothing, it doesn’t do much for your esteem, but it also makes you invincible. Yes, invincible. You can’t hurt something that isn’t there.

With that in mind, it’s still hard to let this idea of you go. You may not be able to completely. But, allowing this sort of understanding become an every day part of your life, it let’s you become more pliable or softer to coerce. I know that this sounds bad. That, you should just accept yourself for the way that you are and that’s the end of it, but I don’t see any fun in that. There’s something that can be said for accepting yourself and a whole other thing to build your character. We’re not born with the right set of mental tools necessarily and so some of us need to develop them much later in life.

There are many ways to do this, but everything I know, I’ve learned mostly on my own with a little help of zen every once in a while. Therefore, this information I relay to you is personal and may not work necessarily. But, I don’t think that there’s much difference between people other than experience, so, I don’t really see why it couldn’t. As I go on in my articles, let me know if any of this is helpful.